Royal Tunbridge Wells is the ideal place for a day out or just a quick trip for everyday essentials. The Chalybeate Spring in Royal Tunbridge Wells was first discovered by a young nobleman in 1606. When word spread of the purported health-giving properties of the newly discovered spring water, visitors from London and all over the country flocked to the ‘Wells’ to try it. The reputation of Royal Tunbridge Wells as the place to see and be seen amongst Royalty and the Aristocracy over the years has made its history one of the most colourful in England. Coffee Houses, Lodgings, Shops, Taverns and Gaming Houses soon sprang up in one continuous line near the Spring, joined by a covered colonnaded walkway which later became known as The Pantiles. This pretty, popular colonnade is still going strong today. Nowadays, The Pantiles is full of interesting Boutiques and Antique Shops, alfresco Cafés, Bars and Restaurants.

King Edward VII officially recognised the popularity of Royal Tunbridge Wells over the centuries, with its many high class admirers, by granting the town its "Royal" prefix. In 1909 the town became known, as it is today, as Royal Tunbridge Wells, one of only two towns in England to be granted this title. Royal Tunbridge Wells, or Tunbridge Wells as it is more commonly called, remains a popular place to live and visit as it maintains much of its original charm and elegance. Surrounded by beautiful countryside and just a short distance from London, it is an ideal location for those wishing to do a touch of shopping or simply if you want to relax and unwind.

For a comprehensive range of shopping and general facilities, Royal Tunbridge Wells offers the most discerning shopper an eclectic array of everything from the iconic High Street stalwarts to the delights of Hoopers and Fenwick: both with a fantastic selection of in-store departments of well-known Fashion Designers. Harry Collins – the Queen’s personal Jeweller with his fully staffed workshop at Buckingham Palace – has a shop in the High Street to tempt and tantalise. Royal Tunbridge Wells also has several good Hotels, 44 different Eateries at the last count: one being Thackeray’s which is part of the Richard Philips stable. Spas and Beauty Parlours abound for all types of pampering as well.

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